UKiset Tutors

Keystone has a select group of tutors who have experience of preparing students for the UKiset as well as computerised pre-tests generally. Our UKiset tutors are available either online (to students around the world) or face-to-face in London. Keystone is also accredited to administer the UKiset for students who require it as part of the entrance process to British schools.

Since our foundation in 2007 Keystone has successfully supported families from around the world to navigate entrance tests for top UK boarding schools. Our rigorous approach to preparing for UKiset covers both key curriculum content as well as test taking strategies. Keystone has also developed it's own bespoke online testing platform ( to further support students preparing for the UKiset and other computerised entrance tests.

There is very limited information made available by UKiset and as such no one can claim to have in-depth knowledge of the test content. Based on our experience of supporting a large number of students in the past, programmes that have covered the following areas have proved effective:

  • Underpinning and stretching core numeracy and literacy skills
  • Developing numerical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning strategies
  • Supporting computerised testing strategies including familiarisation with adaptive questioning and working under time pressure.

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