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With tutors based in London, in Oxford and online, Keystone is one of the UK’s leading private tutoring agencies. The tutors we represent are dedicated professionals with proven track records in the UK’s most competitive entrance and national exams. They help their students to perform at their best, building long-term academic resilience and life-long intellectual curiosity.

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Many of our tutors have committed their professional lives to private tutoring. We hope this video gives a flavour of the way our tutors approach their work.


Latest from the blog:

Online tutoring FAQs

11 April, 2016

Keystone has been a pioneer in online tutoring, successfully conducting thousands of hours of online tutoring sessions over a number of years. In this post, experienced online tutor, Daniel Glorioso answers frequently asked questions about online tutoring. Keystone has also put together a video on online tutoring in which you can see lessons in action. Please let us know if you have any other questions not covered here.

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When and how to start preparing for 11+

7 March, 2016

Whilst Keystone does not encourage piling too much pressure on to yourself or your child, it is important to recognise the importance of the 11+ exams. For most children, it is their first ‘proper’ exam and can have a significant impact on at least the next seven years of their lives. As a rule of thumb, Keystone recommends one year of proper preparation for the test although in some circumstances it may be prudent to start a little earlier.

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