£300 (exc. VAT) per year
+Hourly Tutoring Costs*
£3,000 (exc. VAT) per year
+Hourly Tutoring Costs*
A dedicated Homeschooling Manager
Weekly student wellbeing meetings
Half-termly tutor reports and progress checks
GCSE and A Level exam registration
Termly parents meetings
Study skills development sessions
Super-curricular development classes

*We will work with you to devise a bespoke programme of hourly tutoring. Tutoring costs range from £82 - £162 per hour.

Dedicated Homeschooling Manager

Dedicated Homeschooling Manager (Included with Standard & Premium Package)

Your dedicated Homeschooling Manager, Poppy, will get to know your family and will be available via phone or email to help with timetabling, regular parent catch-ups and to answer any questions. 

Each student has a weekly meeting with Poppy. This gives students a chance to feedback on how their week has gone, how they are finding their lessons and to raise any issues or queries.

Reports, Parents Meetings and Progress Checks

Reports and Assessments (Included with Standard & Premium Package)

Written reports are emailed out each half term. Each tutor writes one, detailing what has been covered that term, how your child is doing and how they have been assessed. These are very useful for parents and guardians and can also be sent to future schools that ask for school reports. Students will be assessed formally at the end of each term, as well as regular informal tests to track progress.

Parents Meetings (Included with Premium Package)

At the end of each term, we offer parents meetings – a chance for you to have a 15-minute conversation with each tutor, where they can recap the term's achievements and what has been covered. It is a good opportunity to get to know the tutors and to raise any questions. These are typically online unless lessons are taking place face-to-face.

Study Skills Programme

Study Skills (Included with Premium Package)

Up to six hours of Study skills sessions are available each term to help with revision, timetabling and time management. 

Example study skills:

  • Revision techniques and common revision myths
  • Note-taking
  • Timetabling
  • General organisation
  • Planning independent study
  • Organising materials and notes effectively
  • Developing an effective working schedule (including understanding when and what conditions are most effective)
  • How to approach exam papers and the lead up to exams
Super-Curricular Programme

Super-Curricular (Included with Premium Package)

Our super-curricular learning programmes seek to develop and extend a student’s love of learning. They encourage students to build on areas of interest as well as exploring entirely new areas of learning. Our Premium Package includes up to 24 hours of super-curricular sessions throughout the year.

They are a chance for your child to join a small group of similar aged students and each term the focus will be on a different topic (incorporating aspects of critical thinking, current affairs, politics or financial literacy). Outside of these sessions, children will be set reading and optional research to enhance their understanding and discussions in the sessions.

Example super-curricular topics:

The Power of Statistics: Inspired by "factfulness" by Hans Rosling. A course aimed at teaching students how to use statistics effectively to inform their views, and simultaneously how to spot the misuse of statistics that pervades modern society.

The Physics of Music (and The Music of Physics) - A course exploring the intimate connection between Physics and Music. Answering questions such as; why does an octave contain 8 notes? How does a synthesiser work? And why is an atom like a tiny guitar?

What makes relativity "special" - A crash course in the mind boggling world of special relativity. How your clock and ruler have been lying to you all along.

Financial Literacy - Financial matters have always played an important role in life, but technological change has increasingly been exposing young people to financial decisions earlier and in a way that is different to previous generations. It is therefore even more vital now that they are equipped and prepared for the financial realities after they leave school. This programme will explore how life will look after school and what that means for their finances. Students will develop their knowledge and skills on how to effectively manage their money, learn about saving, investing, borrowing and also how to protect themselves as consumers.

Introduction to Philosophy - exploring, investigating and discussing topics chosen by the students.

History's Pivotal Moments: Renaissance, Reformation & Revolution - exploring pivotal historical events to evaluate how far they transformed the world we live in. Students will deepen their historical knowledge and develop their analytical skills, working directly with historical primary sources. Students will also be encouraged to interrogate the arguments of historians, some of whom see history as a series of big events and others who emphasise slow but significant long-term change.

Exam Registration

Exam Registration (Included with Premium Package)

We can register your child for national exams including GCSEs, IGCSEs, IBs and A Levels.

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