7+ Tutors London

The 7+ tutors we represent are available to help families in London, as well as across the world through teaching online.

The 7+ is an entrance exam used by independent schools ahead of year 3 entrance. For the 7+ each school sets their own exam and as such there is no standardised test. Most schools set assessments in Maths and English (the latter often including a reading and writing task). Schools may also assess verbal and non-verbal reasoning, conduct interviews or set entirely different tasks (for instance we've heard of schools asking children to draw a self-portrait!).

The 7+ is an extremely competitive exam for many of the schools who offer it and thoughtful preparation ahead of the exam is advisable. At Keystone Tutors we believe any 7+ tutoring needs to be carefully targeted and delivered by a tutor with experience of working with this age group and familiarity with the different requirements of each school.

Below is a sample of the 7+ tutors that we work with. Please click on their profiles to find out more about the background and experience of our 7+ tutors.

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