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"We asked Keystone to support our daughters with two tutoring sessions per week to complement virtual schooling during the COVID-19 lockdown. Cameron and James helped enormously, building the girls’ confidence by bridging gaps in maths and strengthening their approach in English. At the girls’ request the tutoring sessions continued through a staycation summer and now, again, in parallel to a new virtual academic school year. Thank you to the Keystone team for their expertise, energy, and making learning fun."

Parents of Year 5 and 7 students in KSA

Feedback For Keystone Tutors

"I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance, it was most definitely the distinguishing factor that helped me to get an offer. All of your advice and tips for the AHAA, for the interview and approaching History in general were so useful and much more specific and practical than what I was being told at school. I truly could not have done it without you. Your teaching methods and advice work! "


"I turned to Keystone when I realised just how challenging the 11+ was for my daughter. Keystone was quick to react and efficient in finding us not only someone but the right one in Harry. Harry not only took the responsibility (and pain!) away from me, he hooked in my daughter with lots of fun games and got to know her style of working quickly. She made vast improvements in both her comprehension and her descriptive writing with simple tools that he gave her. My daughter has so far heard back from 2 out of the 3 schools she has applied to and she is on a 100% success rate so far – 1 to go"

Mother of 11+ student

"Alice has boosted my son’s confidence and helped elevate his competence across Maths, English and Reasoning in preparation for his 11+ and ISEB campaign. Her friendly disposition, professional demeanour, timely communication, creative methods and personal connection with my son have all come together to help unlock challenging topics and bolster his existing knowledge. Alice is an extremely talented individual with the right balance of cerebral and emotional intelligence which is why my son really enjoys his lessons with her."

Father of Year 5 Student

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