What is the UKiset Test and How Can You Prepare?

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14 December, 2023

In recent years, many independent senior schools that have put pre-tests in place have purposefully designed them with as little transparency as possible. It is for this reason that the tests are often computer generated and no past papers are issued. As such, no tutor can claim to have in depth knowledge or experience of the tests themselves, in their current form.

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26 January, 2022

There are three types of reasoning tested within the UKiset: Verbal Reasoning: language questions and problem solving with words  Non-Verbal Reasoning: solving problems using shapes, pictures and logic  Mathematical Reasoning: looking at number, value, quantity and sequence concepts.

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26 June, 2024

In recent years, many independent senior schools have incorporated ‘Pre-tests’ as an initial entry assessment for Year 7 and 9 entry. Pre-tests commonly form the first stage of the admissions process, and schools use them to identify the students who are most suitable to proceed to the next stage. Pre-tests can be administered in written form or on a computer, with the ISEB Common Pre-Test, CEM Test and the CAT 4 being the most widely used.

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