BMAT Tutors

Keystone has BMAT tutors based in London and is able to serve students around the world online. The BMAT tutors that Keystone represents will create a tailored programme based on each student's individual strengths and weaknesses. With direct experience of the BMAT itself and/or a track record of tutoring students for the test, the tutors we represent are equipped to provide students with rigorous and thoughtful BMAT support based on a track record of success. Please get in touch to enquire about the availability of our BMAT tutors.

What is the BMAT?

BMAT stands for BioMedical Admissions Test is an aptitude test required by a number of universties as part of their admissions process for Medicine, Vetinary Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry. The BMAT is split into the following sections:

  1. Aptitude and Skills
  2. Scientifc Knowledge and Applications
  3. Writing Task

Below is a sample of the BMAT tutors we represent.