Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA) Tutors

Established in 2007, Keystone Tutors is one of the UK’s leading private tutoring organisations. Here is a sample of the TMUA tutors that we represent. They are predominantly based in London and work online with families based outside of London or overseas.


Greg is a professional tutor with a stellar academic record - he achieved a first class Masters degree at Imperial College London. He has tutored with us full-time since leaving University, amassing over 8,000 hours of lessons and helping over 170 families.


Gregory is a passionate mathematician who has tutored for over 6 years. He is also an artist and sculptor. He aims to make learning maths interesting and fun.


Daniel is an experienced tutor and a Cambridge graduate. He has a stellar academic record and is currently completing a PhD at King's College London.

Feedback on the Maths tutors we work with

"Rizwaan has been an outstanding A level maths tutor. Despite being academically able, the disruption caused by the pandemic had resulted in our daughter becoming totally disengaged, lacking in motivation and underperforming. In barely two months he managed to motivate our daughter to realise her true potential and raise her grade from a D to an A*. He rapidly identified the gaps that needed to be filled and set an intensive programme of work that needed to be done alongside the tutorials. Equally importantly he always expected nothing less than her best efforts. Thankfully this input brought an end to 18 months of her being in ‘cruise control’ and working at levels well below her capabilities. This approach resulted in a new sense of motivation, and a belief that all was not lost. Exceptional results rapidly followed. Rizwaan’s teaching is of extremely high quality. He had endless patience and kindness in mentoring our daughter through the final couple of months. Our only regret was not having him on board earlier! We highly recommend Rizwaan as a maths tutor. He is truly exceptional."

Mother of an A level Maths student

"I was preparing for an University entrance exam for which I needed to learn a specific syllabus. Rick helped me to understand this syllabus and clearly explained the concepts in a very articulated manner. Rick also helped me go beyond the level expected for the exam, which allowed me to develop a greater range of Mathematical skills particularly relevant for my future studies in Maths. More so, Rick taught me the skills necessary to do well in my test, which I did, and also encouraged a greater appreciation for the subject. I would highly recommend him as a tutor in Mathematics."

Year 13 Maths student

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Articles on Maths Tuition

A Guide to the TMUA

This guide is for anyone applying to a university programme where applicants must first complete the Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA). In the sections below you can find out if you need to sit the test and how you go about doing that. There is also some advice on how best to prepare for the test and how important the test will be to your application to study mathematics at university.

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A Guide to STEP Maths

What is STEP Maths?  STEP stands for Sixth Term Examination Paper and is a collection of three exams (STEP 1, 2 and 3) which traditionally are used in conditional offers by Cambridge to determine if you get accepted for Maths or Maths-related degrees. Other universities, like Warwick and Imperial, use STEP in some of their Maths offers. You sit these papers in the Summer alongside your other exams like A-Levels, IB and Pre-U.

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Webinars from Keystone Tutors

Webinar : 11+ London Day Schools

In this webinar Keystone's Head of Consultancy, Harriet Brook, was joined by experienced Education Consultant, Camilla Smiley, to discuss 11+ entry with a focus on London day schools. Harriet and Camilla covered all key aspects of the 11+ entry process to London schools, including advising on how and when to start preparing for 11+ assessments and interviews, and how to finalise a shortlist of schools.

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Webinar: The 7 Plus and 8 Plus

In this webinar Keystone's Head of Consultancy, Harriet Brook, was joined by one of Keystone’s most experienced Professional Tutors, Steph Kitson-Smith, to discuss 7+ and 8+ entry processes and considerations. Harriet and Steph looked to cover all key aspects of the 7+ and 8+ entry process, from registration timelines to assessments and interview formats. They advised on how and when to start preparing for assessments and interviews, and how to finalise your shortlist of schools.

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