ELAT Tutors

Keystone represents ELAT (English Language Aptitude Test) tutors who are based in London but also tutor online, ensuring they can provide expert support to students preparing for the ELAT around the world. The ELAT tutors that Keystone introduces to clients will assess each student's strengths and weaknesses before creating a custom programme of lessons. The ELAT tutors that we represent will have significant experience of the test having taken it themselves and/or prepared students for it in the past.

What is the ELAT?

ELAT is the acronym for English Language Aptitude Test and forms part of the entrance procedure for candidates looking to study English at Oxford or Cambridge. The test lasts for an hour and a half and involves candidates writing an essay comparing two or three passages. In the test you will be given six pieces of text (poems, passages from a play and or prose) and will be asked to select two or three of the pieces to analyse.

Below is a sample of the ELAT tutors we represent.