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1 April, 2020

To assist teachers and students in making online lessons as productive as possible we have put together this infographic on the ground rules that students should follow for online learning.

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24 March, 2020

Why do families choose online tutoring? The rise is underpinned by the increasing numbers families around the world looking for access to the highest quality tutor support, often for students who are competing for top grades and places at UK schools or universities. These students require the best tutors they can find and accessing them online removes any geographical limitations, allowing a tutor with the right expertise to be sourced that cannot be found locally.

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20 March, 2020

Objectives: Set clear objectives for each lesson. Students may not be familiar with online learning, so make sure they understand your expectations and what needs to be achieved in the available time. Norms: Set ground rules for your online sessions as you would within a physical classroom. Explain clearly what students should do if they have questions or don’t understand. Help students to develop effective approaches to learning online.

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27 February, 2020

As the school closures in Hong Kong have been extended until April 20th it seemed a pertinent time to write with what we hope will be helpful information during this uncertain time. As schools and businesses are being forced to make use of online resources the quality of the provision seems to vary quite significantly.

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15 June, 2017

At a glance, Eton’s 2017 Roll of King’s Scholars appears conventional; a list of the UK’s most notably successful prep-schools. Look more closely and one school sticks out like a sore thumb: Stanford OHS. Stanford Online High School is a selective independent school where all teaching takes place via real-time, online lessons. Classes are seminar-style and address groups of 15 students who can see and hear the teacher as well as video clips, diagrams and other resources.

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23 October, 2015

The popularity of international schools around the world continues to grow at a staggering pace. According to the International School Consultancy Group the number of international schools could almost double over the next decade. This has led to big questions as to how these schools can source enough high quality teachers to meet the global demand.

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3 March, 2015

Keystone was fortunate enough to be invited to hear the outgoing Headmaster of Eton, Tony Little, speak last week. To a packed house at the Royal Geographic Society, he delivered an excellent paper for the Old Etonian Association titled… “The New Etonian.” You can view a video of the lecture on the Eton website.

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26 June, 2014

At Keystone we believe that, in the hands of a good teacher, online learning can be a match for learning in-person. However, if there is one concern that our tutors most often voice about their online classes, it is that they find it hard to check on their pupils’ note-taking. Lessons themselves are obviously crucial; without revision from one’s notes, however, their effect is drastically diminished.

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18 June, 2014

One of the secrets of Keystone’s online tutoring success is that it relies on the age-old relationship between a teacher and pupil. Facing their pupils head on, Keystone’s teachers use our online platform to convey their knowledge and instructions directly. By placing all our trust in the quality of our teachers, we feel that the geographical distance between the teacher and pupil is more than compensated for by the chance of a genuine intellectual relationship.

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3 March, 2014

“We will soon be nothing but transparent heaps of jelly to each other.” So wrote the furious New York Times in 1877 at the introduction by Alexander Graham Bell of his new invention: the telephone. New technology is often met by such scepticism – and rightly so. Online education is just such a technology, and it is not surprising to see some parents and teachers respond to it with uncertainty.

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