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11 September, 2018

During this parent event Keystone’s Founder, Will Orr-Ewing, and our Director of Education, Ed Richardson answer your questions and address all aspects of the 11+ entry process.

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25 April, 2018

During this panel discussion we share our insights into the 7+ and 8+ admissions process to UK independent schools. Keystone's founder, Will Orr-Ewing is joined by our Director of Education, Ed Richardson and Christine Leslie. Christine has had a career spanning over thirty years in education, including twenty years as a headmistress of co-ed, girls’ and boys’ preparatory schools.

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11 January, 2018

Keystone's founder, Will Orr-Ewing, and Director of Education, Ed Richardson, share their insights on tackling entrance interviews for independent schools.

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14 December, 2017

If I were to ask whether all of you have been interviewed before, some of you might say that you haven’t and that you are finding the prospect of having an interview at a senior school rather alarming.

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18 March, 2015

11+ and 13+ interviews for UK independent schools can be a daunting prospect. It is however easiest to look on an interview as just a question and answer session, the purpose of which is to tell someone who does not know you, a little more about you. The interviewer is not there to catch you out and there are rarely right or wrong answers.  Whilst we might not be able to alleviate your fears completely, we hope that the below advice will help make those 15 minutes go as well as possible.

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