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Established in 2007, Keystone Tutors is one of the UK’s leading private tutoring organisations. Here is a sample of the Architecture tutors that we represent. They are predominantly based in London and work online with families based outside of London or overseas.


Thomas is a committed full-time tutor. He specialises in Maths at all ages up to GCSE as well as English. At interview we were impressed by his measured and supportive approach.

Feedback on Keystone Tutors

"I reached out to Thomas for assistance with preparing a package to apply for a masters of architecture. He made the process as easy as could be and helped me with everything from writing my personal statement, to narrowing down my thesis focus moving into a masters program, to deciding between universities. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone working through similar challenges or approaching a new stage of their architectural career."

Undergraduate Architecture student, successfully offered to study on their MA of choice

"Thomas has been an excellent tutor. He can explain complicated ideas in a manner which makes them easy to comprehend. He is attentive, can spot any particular problems that I encounter within the work and is patient throughout my tuition."

Mature Student, Open University First Year Engineering attaining 95% average

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