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23 August, 2019

Unsure about how to monitor your child’s education, or keen to have an unbiased opinion regarding progress and future goals?   Keystone’s newly adapted ‘Education Health Check’ offers an annual ‘MOT’ to ensure that families are getting the best possible educational experience.

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7 February, 2019

During this panel discussion we talk through the key considerations when selecting a school for your child to move on to. The seminar is led by Keystone's Founder, Will Orr-Ewing who is joined by Director of Education, Ed Richardson as well as Dee Francken, an experienced Education Consultant. During the discussion we look to answer your questions on assessing which prep school or senior school is most suitable for your child.

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4 October, 2018

During this panel discussion we share our top tips on the 7+ and 8+. Keystone's Founder, Will Orr-Ewing is joined by Ed Richardson (our Director of Education) and Lucy Watts, who was formerly headmistress of Eaton House School. After 25 years at Eaton House, Lucy now helps place children in UK schools, advises on entrance exams, and undertakes 7+, 8+ and pre-test interviews.

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25 April, 2018

During this panel discussion we share our insights into the 7+ and 8+ admissions process to UK independent schools. Keystone's founder, Will Orr-Ewing is joined by our Director of Education, Ed Richardson and Christine Leslie. Christine has had a career spanning over thirty years in education, including twenty years as a headmistress of co-ed, girls’ and boys’ preparatory schools.

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19 August, 2016

Overview Originally, the 7+ was designed for girls who traditionally mature quicker than boys, for whom the 8+ was designed. However, some boys’ schools now use both examinations. We would recommend opting for the 8+ if your child is a relatively slower developer, giving another year to grow in confidence and prepare for assessment. Remember that failure at this age can be damaging to confidence so, unless your child is a robust character, trying the 7+ first may not be wise.

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30 December, 2015

In the primary phase of education, it is important that children secure the fundamentals. This truth especially holds for the fundamental topics in English and Maths, without which future academic progress is made significantly more difficult. Experienced primary tutors tell us that they are able to make the most progress when their pupils are expected to work on these fundamentals independently between tutorials.

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