How to approach Shakespeare passages at GCSE

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4 March, 2024

How hard is it to get a 9 in GCSE English Literature? It is hard to get a 9 in English Literature and even talented students need to be on top of their game to gain the very highest level in this subject. But it is possible. Part of being successful is cultural and part of it is practical.  The successful student of English Literature immerses themselves not just in the texts of the course but in books and reading more generally.

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11 December, 2023

Keystone’s Managing Director, Ed Richardson, was joined by Jenny McGowan, Keystone's Director of Asia, to discuss the similarities and differences between IGCSEs and GCSEs as well as A Levels and the IB. They also covered how students might choose subjects to study at the different levels.

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12 September, 2023

Non-fiction essay writing is a skill that can sometimes evoke powerful feelings dread in students. This article hopes to provide all students with a solid base of essay writing knowledge to help improve student confidence and skills.The advice in this article has been written to be as applicable to as many subjects as possible. When using this article, be sure to check your Exam Board’s specification for each subject.

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