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Latest Blogs on School Entrance

Is single sex education better than co-educational?

One of the key considerations when choosing a school for your child is whether they should be educated in a single sex or co-ed environment. Some schools cater only for boys or girls; others are co-educational throughout or in just the sixth form. Which is more suitable often depends on your own preference, the character of the individual child and the age of entry.

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Guide to Selective Independent Schools in London

[image1h]What is a selective independent school?A selective school chooses its students on the basis of their academic ability, with a view to maintaining its own standard or reputation as an academic establishment. The best selective independent schools consistently top academic performance tables, when it comes to ranking schools according to GCSE and A Level results, and choose students who will not only perform brilliantly but contribute to the academic atmosphere of the place.

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Webinars from Keystone

Webinar : 11+ London Day Schools

In this webinar Keystone's Head of Consultancy, Harriet Brook, was joined by experienced Education Consultant, Camilla Smiley, to discuss 11+ entry with a focus on London day schools. Harriet and Camilla covered all key aspects of the 11+ entry process to London schools, including advising on how and when to start preparing for 11+ assessments and interviews, and how to finalise a shortlist of schools.

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Webinar: Choosing Schools & School Entrance Process

Keystone's Head of Consultancy, Harriet Brook and Director in Asia, Jenny McGowan discuss different school options for your child. They provided a fantastic insight into the entrance school landscape for any parent considering entrance options for their child.

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