Webinar: How to choose a Nursery School - Q & A with a nursery specialist

Last Updated: 9 June, 2021

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9 January, 2023

What is the best way to teach children to read?  Teaching reading requires children to master two skills; phonics and language comprehension. They need to be able to decode by blending sounds in words to read them and they need to comprehend what the word means in the given context. In school, children will be taught these two skills at the same time. Phonics is used to teach word reading. Phonics connects letters (graphemes) with the sounds they make (phonemes).

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6 December, 2022

In this webinar Keystone’s Director of Education, Ed Richardson, and Head of Consultancy, Harriet Brook, discuss school entrance interviews.

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15 November, 2022

Keystone’s Director of Education, Ed Richardson will be joined by Jenny McGowan, Keystone's Director of Asia, and Florence Curtis, one of our professional tutors and a former research fellow at Queen’s College, Oxford, to discuss Oxbridge Interviews.

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