Preparing for Common Entrance

Last Updated: 1 August, 2017

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6 August, 2014

In my consultations with parents from outside of the UK, I am often asked to clarify the Common Entrance. What is it? How important is it? What is the best way to prepare for it? This overview aims to clear up any misunderstandings.

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17 January, 2021

The 13 Plus Common Entrance Exam is a challenging hurdle to cross in securing a place for your child at your chosen independent school. With a rigorous syllabus covering 11 subjects, preparing for the 13 Plus effectively is vital to give your child the best chance of achieving the results they will need in the face of strong competition from other candidates.

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11 January, 2021

Eton is one of the United Kingdom’s best known and most prestigious independent schools, founded in 1440 AD by King Henry VI, and famous for having educated many British politicians, scientists, and creative talents. As such, the process of securing a place is highly competitive. Keystone have collated the answers to many commonly asked questions about applying to Eton in the article below, including some first hand insights from Josh Pull, a Keystone Director and former Old Etonian.

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