11 Plus Independent Schools’ Entrance Exam Guide

Last Updated: 14 December, 2023

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26 June, 2024

In recent years, many independent senior schools have incorporated ‘Pre-tests’ as an initial entry assessment for Year 7 and 9 entry. Pre-tests commonly form the first stage of the admissions process, and schools use them to identify the students who are most suitable to proceed to the next stage. Pre-tests can be administered in written form or on a computer, with the ISEB Common Pre-Test, CEM Test and the CAT 4 being the most widely used.

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10 June, 2024

As a parent looking for information about how best to prepare your child for the 11 Plus exams, you may have encountered the terms CEM and GL and wondered what on earth they refer to! When it comes to the 11 Plus, these terms refer to two of the assessment manufacturers who develop and provide the 11 Plus tests.

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19 March, 2024

Francis Holland Schools comprise two sister schools: the first in Regent’s Park, founded in 1878, and the second in Sloane Square, founded in 1881. These schools aim to provide an outstanding education for girls and have a long-standing reputation for their exceptional pastoral care. With a strong focus on creativity, innovation and enterprise, Francis Holland Schools combine first-class facilities with a rigorous academic programme.

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