Difficulties Schools Face in Staffing Languages Teaching at A Level in the UK

Last Updated: 27 July, 2023

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22 September, 2023

In this webinar Keystone's Head of Consultancy, Harriet Brook, was joined by experienced Education Consultant, Camilla Smiley, to discuss 11+ entry with a focus on London day schools. Harriet and Camilla covered all key aspects of the 11+ entry process to London schools, including advising on how and when to start preparing for 11+ assessments and interviews, and how to finalise a shortlist of schools.

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22 August, 2023

This video provides an overview of the application process and will be helpful for any students (and their parents) looking ahead to their UK university applications. The blog below provides further detail and there are many links to resources which students should find helpful.Occasionally there are changes to deadlines, admission test requirements etc. and this guide aims to provide a general overview.

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5 July, 2023

In this webinar Keystone's Director of Asia, Jenny McGowan, was joined by Oli Rose, one of Keystone's most experienced tutors, to discuss sixth-form entry and the 16+ admissions process. Jenny and Oli covered all of the key steps, from registration timelines to assessment and interview formats. They advise on how and when to start preparing for 16+ assessments and interviews, along with other application requirements including 16 plus personal statements.

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