The Cambridge Pre-U Explained

Last Updated: 28 July, 2017

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15 July, 2024

With A level Results day almost upon us (Thursday 15th August), here is a helpful guide to ensure you are appropriately prepared.

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12 July, 2024

Super-curricular activities are intellectually enriching pursuits that extend beyond the standard curriculum. Super-curricular activities are essential for applications to top universities, demonstrating commitment and deeper engagement with a chosen subject.

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28 February, 2024

Is English Language a good A Level subject? English Language A Level is a really good choice if you have enjoyed the language aspects of your GCSE English course. Students will recall that study for the GCSE Language qualification is what we might call more ‘programmatic’: this is a more technical discipline, requiring a focus on technical aspects of language, and which looks as ‘texts’ that are sometimes a long way from the highbrow and romantic reading of the Literature qualification.

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