HAT Tutors

Keystone has a team of HAT tutors based in London who are also available online, to support students around the world. The HAT tutors that Keystone introduces to clients create an entirely bespoke programme tailored to each student's individual needs. HAT tutors that we represent will be Oxford graduates with direct experience of the HAT itself as well as a track record of providing tutor support ahead of crucial entrance exams.

What is the HAT?

HAT stands for History Aptitude Test and forms part of the admissions process for students hoping to study History at Oxford. The test is divided into three parts:

  1. A series of questions based on a short piece of historical writing
  2. A short essay
  3. A single question, based on a primary source

The HAT lasts for two hours.

For more information have a read of our blog on preparing for the HAT.

Below is a sample of the HAT tutors we represent.