11+ Maths Tutor


Tutor support for 11+ Maths exams is one of the most common requests that Keystone receives. We represent numerous tutors who have significant experience and expertise in the 11+ Maths requirements, including entrance papers to specific schools.


The 11+ Maths syllabus is grounded in The National Curriculum Key Stage 2. Independent schools will base their entrance papers off the syllabus from the ISEB. It is worth keeping in mind that there is substantial variation between different schools and as such it is very important that 11+ Maths tutors are familiar with the requirements of your target schools. Furthermore for the more competitive schools, whilst their 11+ Maths papers will be based within these syllabus requirements their tests will contain problem solving questions at a much more challenging level.

Useful External Resources

The following links have been recommended to us by 11+ Maths tutors and students:

  • CIMT (a fantastic selection of lesson plans, practice questions and revision questions)
  • NRICH Maths (thousands of worksheets and problem solving exercises)
  • Khan Academy (a huge bank of video tutorials)

Below is a sample of the 11+ Maths tutors that we represent: